Eppendorf AG – „75 Years in Charts“

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Redaktionelle Illustrationen zum Thema „75 Years in Charts“
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Editorial illustrations on the topic „75 Years in Charts“
for the social media channels – FacebookLinkedInTwitter
of Eppendorf AG.

for LinkedIn

„A performance of “Swan Lake” can’t compete with our centrifuges. In 75 years of innovations, our centrifuges have rotated so often that any Swan Lake dancer would be green with envy. The new Centrifuge 5425 even can spin more than 15,000 rotations per minute! Pretty impressive, hm?“

„In 75 years, our pipettes have moved oceans. Well, almost – since they operate mostly in the microliter range, they’re quite economical. And thanks to the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept®, it doesn’t feel like an entire ocean. Do you enjoy working with your Eppendorf pipette?“

„We humans are curious: in a single minute, more than 3.8 million search queries are posed online – and some are answered by scientists like you, all over the world! Enough questions for the next 75 years with Eppendorf. Which question are you working on right now?“